If you like watching thriller movies then you might have seen many horror flicks based on serial killers. If you know about the serial killer, the chances are high that you might know about H.H. Holmes too. We can say he is the inspiration for many thriller movies revolving around a serial killer. This man alone shook entire America with his death scaring way of committing murders. The man who is said to have killed over 200 people has a very interesting life story that includes his upsetting childhood, obsession based youth and highly controversial death. He was the creepiest serial killer of the world in the sense that even after putting his victim to death he would not let them have a peaceful afterlife. Find out what he used to do with his victims after their death. The revelation would shock and scare you at the same time.

American Horror Story: The Inspiration

American Horror Story: Hotel Is Based on This GuyMeet H.H. Holmes, who has committed about 200 murders without batting an eye. What is more blood curdling is his style of killing people! You can call this man the creepiest American serial killer of the nineteenth century. His life was nothing less than a crime horror film that is why a criminal show has been made on it. The show is called American Horror Story: Hotel. The legendary star Leonardo DiCaprio will be portraying him in the film The Devil in the White City. The controversial man has killed about nine people for sure. He himself admitted killing more than thirty people.   

 Had A Seemingly Normal Life

H.H. Holmes Had a Seemingly Normal LifeThe full name of H.H. Holmes is Herman Webster Mudgett. He took admission in the University of Vermont but dropped out just after a year. Till then there was no trace of Holmes’ sinister future. In fact, Holmes was leading a very average life. His personal life was very normal too. He was only 17 years old when he tied the knot with Clara. Marrying at very young age was a common phenomenon in those days. Soon after his marriage, he became a father of a kid. Perhaps, his criminal instinct developed when he got himself enrolled in the University of Michigan at the school of medicine and surgery. He studied in New Hampshire under Dr. Nahum Wright who upheld human dissection. Holmes developed a very strange habit there…..

Criminal Mind

H.H. Holmes Mutilated Cadavers to Scam Insurance CompaniesDuring Holmes tenure at the University of Michigan, a rumor did the rounds. The rumor was about the cadavers! Many people suspected that some of the cadavers were not fetched legally. However, this particular rumor was traveling from one generation to another since time immemorial, so it didn’t make much difference to the people. This urban legend was the part and parcel of every medical campus. The rumors reached Holmes also. But he knew something more about these rumors that the other students did.

 Was Linked To A Missing Boy In New York

H.H. Holmes Was Linked to a Missing Boy in New YorkHolmes came out with a shocking revelation years after graduating the university. He confessed that he had committed many insurance frauds by using cadavers illegally. In order to get the insurance money, he used to mutilate the body completely, so that no one could recognize them. After having the bodies completely defaced he used to present them as the victim of an accident to the insurance provider. During those times, it was not a difficult thing to manipulate the officials due to the lack of optimum technologies. But this is also true, no one would have thought that a kid would go down to this level to get some money. Shockingly, no one could ever figure out about his frightening intentions.

No One Knew A Thing

His classmates had no idea about the horrible hobby of their class fellow. The only thing that they knew about his personal life was that he used to beat his wife Clara sometimes. Because of his constant violent behavior, his wife eventually left him and got recoiled to New Hampshire. It all happened a year before the completion of his graduation. After that, they never got even in talking terms. Holmes moved to New York after his graduation. With his entry in the city, the rumors of a budding serial killer also entered the town. While his stay in the New York he was seen a lot with a boy who disappeared later. Holmes claimed that the boy had gone back to his hometown Massachusetts and denied any involvement in the boy’s sudden disappearance. Though the case ensued no investigation, he preferred leaving the town and moved to Philadelphia. Well, it was just the beginning of a horrible slew of murders.

A Child’s Death And Holmes

H.H. Holmes Linked to the Death of a ChildThe people were still unaware of Holmes’ cruel intentions. Shockingly, wherever he went the rumors of getting people’s murdered also followed. Strangely, He used to left the city every time the news of murders cropped up. Holmes began to work at Norristown State Hospital after arriving in New York. Just after few days in the hospital, he quit his profile. Holmes went on to take up a permanent position in a drugstore. There also a report of a boy getting killed because of consuming a medicine bought from that particular store emerged. Expectedly, Holmes once again washed his hands off the matter and left the town. What he was about to do next would make your blood crawl.