The virtual world is one of the significant achievements of our generation. Instagram is the current big theme. As Facebook is now taken over by everyone’s relatives, people turned to Instagram, a platform to gain the most wanted fame that can connect you to people from other corners of the world.

How much attention do you pay when you talk to a stranger? Are you aware of the possibilities that one person is enough to ruin everything you feel happy about? Chris Andersen had no clue that just a normal conversation with a woman on Instagram will destroy everything. His fault? Starting a conversation with the wrong person. He paid for this mistake with his career and his lifetime efforts.

He got trapped in the picture that it looked to the world like he was the sole villain, but was he? What happened to him, none of us would even dare of being in that scene. Chris was no stranger rather a full-time player and a known face around the city, then what actually went wrong?

So Far The Worst Case 

The term “catfishing” became popular when Nev Schulman shared his experience in a documentary that became an MTV series. According to Nev, Dunn’s story is “one of the most complicated, confusing catfish stories I’ve ever heard. A catfish is someone who uses internet profiles to interact with people online, usually pretending to be either a version of themselves or someone entirely different. What [Dunn’s] catfish was able to accomplish is not only sophisticated, but incredibly manipulative, emotionally very traumatic, and at the same time wildly creative and somewhat impressive.”

Clipped WingChris Andersen catfish

Chris Andersen was completely unaware that his simple drive to the Pepsi Center, Denver was going to put a full stop to his amazing basketball career. Well, his career wasn’t all that was about to get affected by the next events but it’ll also be spoiling two lives.

His car was pulled by the police and when he was not even speeding up. Still, he was thinking it to be some sort of misunderstanding that the cops were stopping him. It was going to turn out to be one such a bad day that he’ll never forget for the rest of his life. 

A Search Warrant

Well, the cops told the larger-than-life celebrity that they were not behind him to give a speeding ticket rather Chris was going to have bigger reasons to worry about. The police then informed him about the team of experts that were heading to his home right now with a warrant. Disbelief took over Chris.

A Platoon

A platoon including the Douglas County officers and the members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC). This was a specialized unit that worked for the cases related to child pornography as well as child rapists. This team was quite sure that they’ll be finding some evidence at his place which Chris couldn’t really understand. He was still not getting what was actually going on. 

Allegations Are Flying

Not knowing what should be done next, Chris immediately called his lawyer. The cops who told him about the search warrant also said that he need not worry about it Yet. He can go and continue with his evening match. It was then that Chris drove towards the arena to get prepared for that night’s match; Western Conference playoff game.

As the popular saying goes, “in the times of darkness not even our shadows follow us.” Then how could Chris receive support from anywhere? 

Not Allowed

The Nuggets didn’t allow Chris in the stadium. They told him to go back to his home. Chris felt like he was dreaming as all his friends were behaving like they don’t know him. In reality, nobody wanted to be identified as his acquaintance. Everyone was maintaining a distance from him as they all knew of something Chris had no clue about. What was it?