Too In Sync

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

These two divers must have done some extensive practicing. They not only executed the same diving technique but even their facial expressions are identical. Their coach must be bragging about how these divers mastered the art of twinning. Impressive right?

We Call This Wrestling/ Birthing

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

This guy is experiencing getting birth all over again. Or is he? Well, actually, he is seen here in the middle of a wrestling match trying to escape the dangerous grip of his opponent. The moment this photo was clicked however shows a completely different story that really resembles someone being welcomed to this world.

A Head Of Steel

Have you ever seen a football photo that gives you the chills? This is a photo of the Pittsburgh Steeler Antwaan Randle El back in the year 2003. A member of the opponent’s  team grabs his face-mask, pulling his head and twisting it all the way to the side. He was under penalty, as he should and fortunately, to everyone’s disbelief, Antwaan did not suffer any serious complications…

An Inspirational Footballer

Bobby Martin had a disability, being born without any legs. He also unable to wear any prosthetics, but had his goals set on playing football in high school. He ended up as the varsity nose-guard. He is truly an inspiration that shows how dedication and focus can lead you to accomplish anything. he is indeed worthy of being headlines in sports newspapers merely because of his undying passion and drive.


Flexing His Balling Game

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Look at this New York Knicks player executing the grace and poise needed to be an excellent basketball player. Whoever thought that a game like a basketball where players are aggressive and tough could end up looking like a scene from a ballet show. Hilarious is what it is.

Transforming Into A Fish

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Maybe you need to emulate a fish in order to be a superb diver. From this photo, we are sure that, in order to win gold, one must become the fish. This diver tried her best to become as impeccable as a fish diving into the water but ended up looking an absolute mess.