Their Kind

Everyone has a different definition of their perfect fairy-tale wedding. For Dean and Monica, their perfect wedding was not the one with lights and pretty dresses and costly food, but the one where they could have their loved ones for their wedding day and be together. 


The couple decided on not some fancy venue for their big day but to tie the knot legally at the county courthouse. But the day was not going to be what Monica and Dean would expect and plan it to go as. There were going to be some life-changing events. 


All the relatives that were invited by Monica and Dean were really happy that the two were finally going to tie the knot after being together for so many years. They had all prepared themselves to be a part of the special day and not miss it at any cost.

Wedding Day

The day had finally come after so many years when Dean and Monica would officially be together. All the guests were seated in the room and waiting for the bride and groom to come in. Nobody knew of the unimaginable surprise that was to follow.

Sadness With Happiness

Everybody seemed happy about the ceremony, but there was a little sadness in each family member. All the seats of the courtroom were filled, but all of the guests felt a little emptiness like something was missing. 

A Moment

Dean and Monica decided to take a moment in remembrance of their late son Carlton. Carlton would have been 18 years old this year if he would have been with his family. But destiny had other plans. Everybody missed him on this special day.