The most important day for anyone would have to be the day we get unified with the love of our lives, our wedding day. It is the special day you tie the know with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. A wedding does tire you because of the planning and decisions that demand to be made. Since weddings are a promise made to be faithful and together with your partner in the presence of the Almighty and your loved ones, it is a religious event too. This Chinese lady here did something during her wedding ceremony that left her grandfather speechless…

A Puzzling Time

For an old grandfather like him, it would be easy to be left quite confused. His granddaughter had informed him that they were going to have to take a few photos. This was such a shock to him because he felt like it would be an odd thing to do as he was in a hospital bed. But since his granddaughter had requested him, he did not want to disappoint her. So this old man went along with her and trusted whatever she told him.

Giving Him The Big News

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This granddad had been taken out of the hospital and had gone with his granddaughter who had requested him to join her for some photographs. When she came inside the room and the grandfather saw what she was wearing, he was left totally bewildered. “What is happening?” he said to himself. But this lady told him about what was happening and the news overwhelmed the man immensely…

Joining A Brand New Family
A New Family

This lady that we are referring to is called Xuewei. She is Mr. Fu’s granddaughter and was the apple of his eye. He wanted nothing but the best for his lovely granddaughter. Xuewei’s life had taken a drastic turn at a very tender age. She had to go through a hard time when her parents decided to separate. She had to go to Mr. Fu and his wife in Chengdu, China and live with them because of this.

There Were A Few Setbacks

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She was, however, quite lucky because Mr. Fu and his wife were a very loving couple. They raised Xuewei with all the love and affection she could ever need. She had stayed with them and ended up building such a strong connection that she now thought of them as her own mother and father. But there were so many things that turned out to be problematic having elderly parents.

Always Close To Her Heart
Always Close To Her Heart

By the time Xuewei turned the age of 18 years, she left the country to study in Switzerland. After that, she made another move and then went to Singapore. She, however, made sure that the relationship she shared with her grandparents. She regularly spoke to them, informing them about where she traveled, about her studies, and even about the relationships she was in.

Making A Wise Decision

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In the end, Xuewei moved back to China. She did so in order to start a career of her own, to try and continue to keep her grandparents very close to her. Her decisions turned out to be quite wise because time was catching up with them. They were elderly folks so, in the natural course of things, they would pass away very soon. She needed to savor the time she still had with them both…