Imagine a huge piece of land suddenly developing cracks and what you find beneath is something unusual. What is this unusual discovery that has baffled even the greatest of the scientists? Is it insinuating that the end of the world is here? Or is it something even more sinister?

Yes, you read that right. White Land Antarctica. Antartica is breaking into ice chips. Human activities or environmental changes are disturbing the beauty of this white land and are unfolding some mysterious deep-lying secrets of a land that is unknown or is yet to be discovered.

A gigantic iceberg broke into pieces in the frozen land of Antartica and went down into the sea. What amazed all the researchers was the fact that this split has given birth to a land of suspicion.

Antarctica The White Land

Antarctica is known as the most beautiful land of ice and is often termed as the” white-snow paradise”. It is one of the most alluring creations on the planet. Situated at the peninsular zones and spread across 14 million square kilometers, it is the fifth largest continent on the planet and is almost twice the size of Australia. Before becoming a land of ice there are some possibilities that this piece of land was also covered with vegetation and was all green and not white. But then what made it an ice zone is a wonder which is half discovered.

The Surprising History

A long time ago, some 170 million years ago to be precise, Antarctica was a part of a bigger supercontinent called Gondwana and some 25 million years ago it broke down into an emerging continent away from the supercontinent. It was situated farther north and faced tropical climates with heavy vegetation and life. Then, what made it shift to the polar region, making it all ice? Did the earth revolve at an instant or at 360 degrees with tremors that made the piece of land nothing but ice?

The Controversial Maps

Trying to find the origin of this wonderland in history, you are taken back to the 1500s wherein one of the most controversial maps would blow your mind. In 1513, a Turkish Admiral Piri Reis drew a map of Antarctica so controversial that even after 500 years of it being made, the questions still refuse to cease. There is a lot more hidden from us, but the ancient civilization and documents might help with the much-needed answers…

Antarctica- Invasion

The lesser known fact about the white snow land is that it was once invaded, which probably means it was once supporting life on the planet. Then, where did the invaders go? Were they consuming ice to survive? Or what were they searching for then? Were they aware of blood falls of Antarctic then or was it something more…

The Secret Mission

In the year 1946 and 1947, a military operation called Operation high-jump took place on a secret basis where the military was trying to resolve the mystery behind the ” Secret Antarctica”. The mission was claimed to have taken place under the supervision of the government officials and the local people were kept away. It was perhaps the most confidential mission that ever took place then. Why is it that everything related to the mystery land kept as a secret?

The Lost Discoveries

Are you curious to know about the mission’s discoveries? What all was kept under cover is still not unfolded. A documentary called Third Reich – Operation UFO on the same is an interesting one which focuses on the details of this operation. Around 70,000 pictures were clicked while searching for this mystical land and guess what happened to those.