The mystery remained unsolved for SEVENTY years. A stranger used to leave flowers and other stuff on her brother’s grave. It was not anyone from the family or friends. She tried to find out who used to put things on there but the stranger would always manage to dodge her. This head-spinning mystery continued for seven decades and when eventually the stranger came into the light, the sister had her whole life turned around.

Who Is Visiting Her Brother’s Grave?

Ann Kear couldn’t get the chance to spend enough time with her brother Karl as he died when she was only seven years old. The little boy took his last breath while struggling for his life with the overwhelming water. But the helpless boy could not fight for long and ultimately gave up his life. Ann Kear was too small to understand the impact of the unfortunate accident on her family but as she grew up, she realized how much she missed not having her brother around. One more thing that kept her reminding her brother was a mysterious visitor who it seemed had taken the vow to not to let the grave of the Karl ever be bereft of stuff.

Unbelievable Sight

Every Sunday Ann Kear goes to meet his late brother with the bunch of flowers. In earlier times, she used to get there with her mother and now she had shouldered the all of this responsibility on her own after her parents gave up their soul. It was during one of those Sundays, he saw an amazing sight. Her brother’s grave was covered with flowers and it was clearly not her who had done this. Strangely, for years it was only her who used to put flowers at Karl’s grave but now all of a sudden, there was someone else too who was leaving stuff there. Who could it be?

Flowers From Unknown

Kear remembers, “There are three hydrangea heads there and there is also a red rose, which I swear wasn’t there on Sunday.” She concluded, “So somebody has been here since I put my flowers there on Sunday.” Initially, she thought some would have mistaken his brother’s grave with some other one but that assumption of her too got axed when she saw the flowers and stuff again at the same place. Who used to come here in Kear’s absence?

Along with flowers, the visitor would also put much other weird stuff that made Kear raise her eyebrow even more…..    

Not Just Flowers

grave 156The grave did not have only flowers but many other gifts. And those gifts were anything but normal. Ann explained,  “It’s not even just flowers. One year there was a massive sheaf of corn, a pheasant’s feather.” Well, these gifts only added to the puzzle. Who leaves sheaf of corn or pheasant’s feather at the grave. Did these weird looking gifts mean something? The mystery was only getting thick with no clue but as they say, there is always a way. One Sunday, Kear found a letter with the gifts by the mysterious visitor that definitely cleared few some things.  

Strange Messages

grave 137The letter was addressed to Karl! Yeah, the same Karl who had died many years ago. Oddly, Kear did not find the letter once but several times. The letter had messages written on it. Was someone pulling a prank on her? If yes, then nothing can be brutal than this. If no, then who was doing all these things and with what purpose? Well, the letters did not have any name on it but it indeed made Kear and the unidentified visitor popular. And it was going to help!


Camila Ruz who is associated with BBC came across this story and got immediately intrigued by that. She wanted to know more and more about Karl and the mysterious visitor. So she decided to follow this case. She said, “First time I heard the story, it stuck in my mind. What was it about this boy that had led someone to do all of this?” Camila said. “So, one day, I just gave his sister a ring.” The beginning of an unbelievable adventure had been made.