Life is full of adventures. You never know the kind of day, life is going to hand you. What may seem like an ordinary job could lead to one of the most unusual events. It is what makes life interesting and unpredictable.  Even though life gets boring and one day seems like a drag, you never what might happen to you the next day. A boring job could actually lead to one of the most unique experiences anyone could face. We often expect life to go as we plan but in the end, not knowing what it has in store for us makes it all the more thrilling. Just as this logger who definitely had an experience of a lifetime.

What A Surprise!Shocked

A logger’s job is simple. The only thing they have to do is to cut down trees that are standing in the way of a builder’s construction. These men spend their daily hours getting rid of trees that might obstruct the construction of a new building. So one fine day, a group of loggers was going about doing their duty taking away trees that had to be disposed of. But suddenly, they had to stop. No there were no protesters. It was something none of them had anticipated to discover.

Daily WorkTypical Loggers' Workday

The men working at the Georgia Kraft Co. were busy with their daily work. Everything felt normal, there was nothing special about that day but then they came upon one specific tree. A tree that would leave them with an impression lasting for a lifetime. This was something that defied all science or logic. The men had to put a halt to what they were doing. That fateful day, something strange had taken place.

Not A Crime

Jasper was actually ‘the first mountain city’, situated in the Pickens County, Georgia, United States. This is a tiny city which houses some of the most beautiful mountains you could ever lay eyes on. The Big Canoe, Bent Tree, and the Preserve at Sharp Mountain all lie here. Even though most people find it wrong to cut trees and are against deforestation, since this town was full of loggers, it was not seen as a big crime.

A Special Wood
Not Your Average Wood

American chestnut trees can be found in abundance all around the mountains of Jasper. For commercial value, it really helped the small city. These trees are quick to grow so they are quite lucrative and can be produced in abundance. During the 20th century, American chestnut trees have a moment where they were almost completely extinct. They, however, are found in Nova Scotia, New Hampshire, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

During LunchHollow interior

On a  random day in the year 1980, at about 10 AM, 7 to 8 people who were employed at the Georgia Kraft Co. left their homes to venture to the location where they needed to work for the day. It was a heavy load which had to be done before night fell. The loggers began working hard and got rid of the trees one by one, clearing up space. This happened till lunchtime. This was when they came upon a strange tree that demanded a closer inspection.

An Unusual Tree

The men had been constantly working so they were very quick with cutting down the trees. There were hardly any chestnut trees remaining to be cut down. The men then came upon one particular tree that was so light, which was hollow inside. The moment they struck it with an ax, it was clear that this tree was hollow inside. Who could have guessed that a tree like this would be here?