Kelly and Donovan Accettola made a decision to adopt their very first dog way back in 2008. The couple decided on an Italian Greyhound that they named Bemis, who was called so after one of their favorite singers, Max Bemis. What the couple did not expect was how quickly Bemis would be taken away from them. After just two years of keeping him, he was out of their home.

Max Bemis

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Like any other pet lover, the Accettola couple was extremely excited to go and adopt their very first dog. It was sort of like a first child to them because they were mixed with emotions. They were nervous, at the same time, tremendously impatient to get their hands on a new dog. So when they met the Italian Greyhound, they could not walk away, adopting him then and there.

Ready To Care

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The two did not waste any time and they were so glad to have found a dog that they both felt very positive about. When couples live together they sometimes view their pets as their children and some of them even learn how to be responsible and care for another being. They were very confident that they can take good care of the canine.

Military Jobs

Kelly and Donovan actually found each other while they worked for the U.S. Navy. Kelly actually held position there as a combat medic while Donovan worked as a nuclear engineer. You can tell that these two both hold a very impressive career. So like any other military career, these two would often find themselves deployed and kept away from one another.

Reason For Adopting

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What happens when a couple cannot stay together for long periods of time? Well, they usually end up missing each other, feeling very lonely. So these two would often feel very alone and it would get a little unbearable for them at times. Since they both could not do anything about being posted out of the station and away from each other, the only option they decided on was to adopt a dog to keep them company!

A New Member

So it had been 2 years since Bemis had entered the Accettola home. It was then time for them to leave their home because of their work. They had to move from upstate New York to Norfolk all the way in Virginia. Kelly was not complaining as much now since Bemis was there keep her company. She did not feel lonely anymore, even if she had to stay back home.

A Sudden Tragedy

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The two of them were inseparable and they did everything they possibly could together. Bemis as an addition to the family was something that spewed positive vibes all around. They felt truly blessed to be the parents of this lovely pup. But as we all know, all good things must come to an end. It was all going smoothly but something terrible happened unexpectedly.