We’ve got a long history that proves the fact that trespassing in the wildlife has been in our nature from the very day we felt superior. However, the Earth is a mysterious planet where the biggest species are the quietest and the tiniest insects could end up taking your life just by a sting! The bigger the prey the better the hunter. Whales for their fat, elephants for their tusks, tigers for their hide, giraffes for their tails, snakes for their venom & skin!

“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant, the only harmless great thing, the giant,” are the words of John Donne, one of the greatest poets of English Literature gives a clear picture of these innocent beasts. This story is a disclosure for all those who think of animals as a source of profit and nothing more. Watch the video and you’ll know how sensitive wildlife animals are and they too deserve to be treated with generosity and respect.

An Experience As A Kid

Most of you have seen elephants for the first time in circuses or zoos and I remember the first time I saw elephants, they did not seem too happy to look at me, two huge elephants, tied outside a circus, trumpeting and moving aggressively trying to get unchained on one stormy night, scared the hell out me as a child. But now thinking of them, I realize, that night, they were more scared of the weather, than I was of them. Elephants, who are said to sense rain from 150 miles away, were left in an open playground when lightning struck every now and then, they were just trying to save themselves and get into some safer place! This event is from their perspective just as the video soon will show their true emotions!


The incident we are about to share with you comes straight from the land of the white elephants, Thailand where the most famous beers have elephant’s portrait as their logo and they are sculptured in the temples demonstrating their importance from the very beginning of the Thai civilizations. In the Thai language, elephants are popularly known as the Changs who are said to be closely related to the birth of Lord Buddha. Significant yet exploited to the core, for the reasons you never could imagine!


National Symbol

An easy guess to be made that Changs are the national animal of the country and Thai people celebrate Chang Thai Day too every year.  A famous old Thai saying is that a marriage is like an elephant – the husband is the front legs, that choose the direction, the wife the back legs, providing the power! When a country where elephants have played such an important role, from such a long time, can mistreat them, then I doubt if it’s in any of our imaginations what happens to these big guys around the globe! Gather courage and keep moving further!

Started With 350 Now Just 3!!

In the history of our planet, elephants (derived from elphas, ie, ivory) had more than 350 species, scattered everywhere excluding Antartica and Austrailia. Now they’re decreased to just 3, African bush, African forest and Asian. In Thailand, the numbers have declined from about 100,000 to less than 5,000 over the last century.

Elephants are caught and trained, well how can one possibly train the wild? Obviously, by capturing, threatening, hurting, or torturing. Torturing the body or the mind? Before we answer this question and then take you through the incident that happened to a 73-year-old elephant and her overflowing emotions after it, we’ll just tell you few tremendous traits of these calm beasts that will leave you amused!

Don’t Jump!

Elephants are the only mammal on the Earth who cannot jump. The biggest being on land purr or rumble in low frequency to communicate just like a cat! They’ve weak eyesights and amazing sense of smell. You might not believe when we tell you that they laugh, cry, play, crack a joke, welcome their old friends whom they meet after a while and even collect memories, as soon you might see it yourself while going through this article. For now, you can believe the fact that a female elephant stays pregnant for the longest of all animals even humans, 22months, which is nearly 2 years of pregnancy! In a long lifespan of around 75 years, they get pregnant 3-4 times.

On Tourist’s Demand

Elephants being the main attraction of Thailand, other than the beaches and all, tourist love to go for trails on elephants’ back as it is said in this way they stay safe from other wild animals and get a better view of the surroundings. Due to the high demand, more and more elephants are forced into the tourism industry but what’s wrong in that? Elephants look big and strong enough to carry two-three humans on their backs! Why do animal rights activists have to get offended by anything and everything? The answers are right here and are sure to break many delusions.