Rough Waters

It was not only the disinterest of the people but also the war and terrorism that contributed to keeping it a secret. Due to the civil war, the major part of the ocean remained impenetrable for the people. And when the war came to an end the sea mines were set up in the ocean to prevent terrorism from entering the country. One more reason why Asha decided to go for an expedition there was this…….

Unforeseen Finding

sri lanka whales

Waters off the coast of Sri Lanka counts as one of the busiest shipping lines. The constant transportation was becoming one of the prime reason behind the rapid death of whales. Asha wanted to help those helpless whales and what could be a better way than drawing the attention of government by providing them with the facts. He research also included the abysmal condition of these whales, reasons behind it, and the steps that can be taken to prevent it from happening any further. With a determination to help the voiceless mammal, she goes ahead to help them.   

Historic Expedition

sri lanka - marine biologistAsha set up an expedition team in February of 2017 to carry out the fieldwork on the blue whale in the Indian Ocean for her routine ventures. After finalizing the boat, they equipped it with all the required observation instruments. It was time to set out on the expedition. Asha, laced with her camera and other scientific instruments was expecting some amazing sightings that day. However, she had no idea that she was going to make history by discovering an unbelievable sight. The ship steered towards the ocean parting it in two.        

Not Far From Shore

sri lanka - asha de vos

The ship had managed to cover the distance of seven kilometers away from SriLanka shores (4.3 miles) in an hour. They had reached the point that was mostly visited by whale watchers and fishermen. For Asha, that area was least interesting as the region had already been explored by the amateurs and fishermen. What intrigued her the most was the zone beginning after this one. Where very few people had gone. That was the area where she was expecting to discover something. 

Matter Of Disinterest

The area was vastly populated. Finding blue whales their due to constant human activity seemed impossible for the research team. However, as a part of their research work, they had to spend some time there looking for any important detail. Asha who was considering it a waste of time was soon going to get the biggest shock of her life. 

Bigger Than A School Bus

sri lanka ocean

After the end of civil war, this island nation has risen as a prominent tourist attraction for the rest of the world, thanks to its impressive sea life. People fly here in mass from different countries only to get a glimpse of the natives of the sea world. August is a pretty good month to visit the coastal region of Sri Lanka because of the beautiful weather that shadows the island during that time.