Catching Eyes

The pregnant beggar would be out on streets in the daytime, struggling under the scorching heat. Usually, her son would accompany her, yet there were days when one could find her husband standing next to her. The begging couple garnered much attention as it is not often that one comes across a pregnant woman begging.


This not so usual sight attracted a lot of couples and they would all stand by her to help her out. They would provide the lady with more than required and what else could they do to help the suffering souls. None could have even thought about the possibilities this panhandler was hiding which made Smith this curious. Was she an impostor?

Something Happened

Smith had been observing this suspicious woman for over two months now. She did not question the expecting lady’s acts until the day. her heart sank every time she saw the pregnant woman begging under the burning sun. But that day an extremely different side of the woman came across Smith and she knew that it was time for her to investigate this panhandler.

A Mastery

The questionable pregnant woman appeared to have been a master in the field of begging. It won’t be wrong to call her the master of this art. She always had a pity face and carried her little boy along as a means to gain sympathy from people. Not only that she also had a cardboard banner reading “Please Help”. People who crossed her emptied their wallets instantly to help her. Smith never thought that this wasn’t the only thing the woman did. Things were much bigger than this.

Low On Gas

Smith’s car was running low on gas. She stops by a gas station close to the center. Then only she finds the pregnant panhandler crossing the street. Smith thought that being out on the streets for long must have made her tired, but Smith’s eye sees a car approaching the woman. Next what she saw completely left Smith baffled.

Arousing Curiosity

What Smith finds next is that a speeding car drives towards the pregnant woman. And it then stops in front of that lady and she makes a move inside it. This made Smith curious. She hides behind the gas station and tries to have a closer look at the entire scene. Now, it was time for Smith to step into Sherlock’s shoes…