And It Started

Summer was around the corner and the thick layers of permafrost started to melt, creating a life-threatening atmosphere that not only drew man but machines too. The melting ice was sinking the machines into the depths of the pit that was created below. And it was just a start because the bigger risk was just on their way to make all of them scared for the rest of their lives.

What More?

Everybody who was there saw the wrath of nature which became unexpected with each passing day. They didn’t know what next could be in front of their eyes the next morning they wake up. Terrified and exhausted the work stopped for a while. There was complete silence and little did they know it was a silence before something more devastating which was about to come. No one could explain what was really going on as they were seeing it for the first time.

Humans? Or Statue?

With each passing day, the ice started to melt even more which completely stopped the work. For days, people just stayed there sitting like a statue as if there was no life there. The only sound people heard was of the melting ice which shook them from inside. All they wanted was to explore the area so that they can support their country but it wasn’t anything like this and that day they saw something devastating. What did they see?

We Should Head back

Things weren’t looking great and the Russian officials were slowly regretting the decision they made in a rush. But did they really made a bad decision? Because they actually found out the rich minerals that helped their country but it came with a cost. It was like a bargain but they weren’t prepared to pay their part. Now, what’s that?

That’s Not A Hole

Which seemed like a normal process the melting of ice started to show its real face. The hole started to get bigger in size and started to show some strange behavior that baffled everybody. Nobody could tell what it was, with every second it was only getting bigger and more and more terrifying. But then the hole did something strange as it has a mind of its own.

Mind Of Its Own

While the hole was getting bigger and bigger there was something else that made them run for their life. The hole started to draw in the small aircraft and helicopters right out of the sky and in front of their eyes, they were sunken into the darkness. People were running as far as they could from there as they didn’t know what was about to come.