A Successful Expedition

Mike Purcell was leading this team of researchers, who is also a WHOI engineer, expressed that the ” wreck was partially sediment-covered, but with the camera images from the lower altitude missions, we were able to see new details in the wreckage.” That’s how Jeff was able to distinguish the engravings on the cannons. This little glimpse made the team work hard and their work hard really paid off. It’s no the cannons that are interesting but what they found later which changed everybody’s lives.

Still Too Far

After they were able to locate the cannons, the team was sure that in no time they would be able to find the greatest discovery of all time. But little did they know, this expedition hasn’t been started. They were about to struggle with several problems that almost ended the whole mission of finding it.

Not So Much Advanced

There is no doubt that Reemus 6000 is one of its kind that has helped several researchers in their sea exploration. This situation seemed to be out of their reach that made them almost give up the mission. After coming this far where they have already found the lost ship San Jose they didn’t want to leave the mission at this stage. Then they found the reason to stay alive.

One Sole Reason

After coming this far, the mission of discovering one of the best things that had the chance to change their lives was looking very thin, as Reemus 6000 wasn’t able to go inside the ship where that one particular thing was hiding. The drone handler had an idea that could take the mission to another level. He suggested that they should search for an opening if there was one. And luckily they did.

That One Opening

The drone was guided to cover the whole ship to find an opening that could lead them inside the ship. And there it was, the perfect opening that could easily take the drone inside. The handler of the drone slowly moved forward to explore the ship from inside where they wished that particular thing was there. After searching for a couple of hours they found it.

That One Start

Kaeli who was waiting for this very moment all his life found the start of everything. The moment his eyes caught a glimpse of the cannon of the ship, he was sure that this the ship people have been talking about for 310 years. “I’m not a marine archaeologist, but… I know what a cannon looks like,” also adding, “the only person in the world who knew we’d found the shipwreck.” Luckily his eagle eyes were able to locate the ship that changed everything. But as they say, nothing comes to us that easily. Even they faced one major hurdle.