Searching for the tale told by several people from that area, this team decided to explore the sea. The locals told them about the possible things they could find inside the shipwreck that was lost in the sea some centuries ago. Intrigued by the legend this team wanted to see if this legend these local talk about with so much enthusiasm was even true or it has just been there for the people to believe in something. The most amazing part of this story is that it wasn’t a human who discovered this legend but a robot. You can imagine the place where this discovery was made that it required a robot to explore it. The best part is it was a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution who brought out this amazing discovery in front of us that astonished everybody.

Remus 6000

Remus 6000 was built for one purpose and that was to be an underwater robot. This advanced robot can stay underwater for a very long time that helps the researchers in discovering something exceptional. The team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution used Remus 6000 in their exploration and were taken aback by the discovery. The legend they heard about the sea was indeed true. You’ll be surprised by what this robot was able to discover.

The Legend

For centuries people have been talking about a Spanish ship that came in this area some 310 years ago. The locals have been talking about this ship which was hiding something really special from the world. When this ship sunk it took the most precious thing with it. This discovery made by this made stayed deep buried in the sea for centuries. Finally, they were able to find it and brought out in front of the world. You’ll be amazed by the discovery.

An Old Ship

This ship that belonged to the Spanish fleet some 310 years ago, traveled the sea while hiding something really precious with it. The crew on that ship tried their best to hide it from the outer world and they almost succeeded if this ship wouldn’t have been beaten by the sea. High altitudes tides grasped the ship which took its last breath lying on the sea bed. But the question what was these ships’ job? They found about it too.

The Motive

This Spanish fleet of ships kept traveling in the Atlantic back in the 1700s, and raided the American colonies and took away as much as they could from those people. While they looted the colonies they stumbled upon something unbelievable that made them hide it from other people that didn’t want to share. But who could have thought after so many centuries these people would find it out.

The Spanish Galleon

This ship wasn’t some ordinary ship but a three-masted galleon called as San José. This ship was installed with 62 big guns and was used as the arsenal ship. But the reason of this ship being installed with such heavy weaponry was because of the one fact that it was hiding something. But in the year 1908, the British Navy destroyed the ship and later was buried underwater with that precious thing of which the British Navy wasn’t aware of. Recently, after 310 years people were able to discover what was hidden inside the ship. 

The War Of Spanish Succession

When the British were trying to prove their supremacy, Spain was doing the same. The war was an everyday activity. The war was taking place on both the land and the sea. But it was the war on the sea that was seen as the game changer. Unaware of everything, the British navy finally defeated the Spanish ship which was drowned in the sea and took the precious with it. But this team made sure they find it. And they did. You’ll be surprised to see what did they discover.