An Angelic Warning

While the wise men were following the star to Bethlehem, an angel appeared to warn them about the king’s intention to murder the infant. They understood the truth and decided to keep the infant’s location a secret. After paying their respects to the newborn, they refused to return to the King’s castle.

Ruthless Ruler

Herod came to know his intention was revealed and as a result, his plan had failed. Out of blinding rage, he took a ruthless decision. He ordered his men to seek out all the infants below the age of two and slaughter every last one of them. 

Escaping To Egypt

The massacre was terrifying but ultimately proved to be unsuccessful because Mary and Joseph had already escaped. Turns out they were warned about King Herod’s intentions and as a result fleed to Egypt to protect their infant. They remained gone for years and returned to Judea much later in time.

The Downfall

King Herod’s downfall began with the death of his wife Mariamme. Herod was convinced that she was plotting against him and as a result, he had her executed. Even though he was responsible for her death, Herod’s misery knew no bounds.

Fear For Throne

In an attempt to replace Marriamme after her death, the king started seeking other partners and practiced polygamy. But his story became even more tragic when his deep fear of losing his title and his throne convinced him to attempt the execution of his sons.

Herod’s Evil

Ultimately, Herod came down with a chronic illness that could neither be diagnosed nor treated by anyone. They called it “Herod’s Evil”. He lived in such excruciating pain that he attempted suicide to end it. Some historians believe his suicide was stopped by his cousin while some believe he was successful in committing suicide. In either case, this was the end of Herod’s reign.