What Was The Rush?

The whole team including auctioneer Olivier Choppin-Janvry were intrigued by this lady. Now, they needed some answers about her life. Even the file which they had about Mrs. De Florian didn’t say much about her past. Something was off about her until they discovered some old newspapers. But what about the newspaper? What made these old useless newspaper so interesting?

Her Past

The newspaper these people found in the house were from the Second World War period. Now you can imagine why she left her Parisian apartment in such a rush. The WWII was in full swing and Mrs. De Florian left the place leaving everything behind her. Her desperate move to leave the country somewhat tell us about the horrifying situation during WWII. She left for the south and Germans were already inside the city and the government was thrown out. And in no time the city was under the control of ruthless Nazis. A 23-year-old was running for her life in search for a better one.

You Coming Back?

The Parisians hated the Nazis. They were ruthless and oppressed the citizen. Under their dictatorship, no city was in peace. Rationing was forced on the people, there was a strict curfew, and the Jews (who suffered the most) were transported to concentration camps.
In the south, we think Mrs. De Florian found a better life because by looking at the condition inside the apartment it seemed she never returned back. The apartment longed for her return because she left something precious behind her and the house guarded it for 70 years until this day.

Walking Through History

Now it was time to unlock the other doors of the mysterious Parisian apartment at 2 Rue La Bruyère. The other room was massive in size, on one wall there was a big bookshelf that held some of the great literary works of that time and there were gold curtains that covered the tall windows of the room and was perfectly blocking out the sunlight from outside. They draw the curtains for light to enter as the room was not visible perfectly. But what is that?

Caught The Eyes

After there was enough light in the room, they were amazed by one piece of furniture. This piece of furniture was still intact and held several items, like, perfumes, hairbrushes, and candles stubs were scattered all over the place. Even after 70 years, this particular expensive dresser furniture seemed like it was ready to help an aristocrat in her dressing. As they were inspecting the room one of the members’ eye caught a glimpse of something that was visible in the mirror of this dresser. The whole team was in shock.

Room For More In The Room

The team would have sat down at the traditional dining room and dined at the huge wooden table placed under the Victorian chandelier. The whole ceiling of the room was made with tin that gave it a very royal essence. On the table, they found housed candelabras, china pieces, and several small ornaments. The place was complete in all sense. If anybody wanted to buy the place he might have to pay a huge amount of money in order to buy the apartment. However, this place stayed hidden for 70 years and nobody had a clue about it and the possibility of finding something this big was still there.