Her car broke down and was now clueless about what to do next. The road was empty and it was already dark. She was cursing her life while she kept walking alongside the road in search for someplace to stay. When there was no vehicle in sight she found an old abandoned house. For a moment she stood there and looked at the house which was in between of nowhere. The sky was now dark and she couldn’t decide if she should enter the house as it looked really scary. She took out her phone and switched on the flashlight and started walking towards the entrance of the house. Then a sudden blow of cold wind made her realize that it will be raining at any moment. She increased her pace and entered the house before raindrops hit her.

There was no electricity and all she had was a flashlight in her hand. She tried calling her roommate but there was no proper network in the house. She sat on the floor while praying for some kind of miracle to happen. She heard something that made her attentive and stood up aiming her flashlight on the entrance of the house. Who is there? She asked. The man entered the house and was holding something in his hands. I saw your car outside as I was passing by. I am a mechanic and thought you might need some help, the man replied. She couldn’t believe her ears and thanked the man for his generosity. She asked for a miracle and she was living one.

This team of researchers entered an old house in Paris which was under the name of Mrs. De Florian and found something really amazing that shocked every member of the team. What was it? You’ll soon find out.

The Key To A Locked Secret

Mrs. De Florian was 91 and in June 2010 she took her last breath. She was living her life peacefully in the countryside of the south of France. After her death, it was found that other than this property of hers, she also has an apartment in Paris about which only a few had been aware of. The house was kept as a secret for 70 years (But why?). A team was sent to Paris and they were about discover something they never thought of.

Team With Another Motive

A team of professionals who were sent to the apartment in Paris for the proper evaluation of the property stumbled upon something between the process. They were there in the house for a routine appraisal to provide a neat valuation of Mrs. De Florain assets. What else you expect in an old woman’s house? Minimal things that provided minimal satisfaction, right? But to their surprise, this house was far from normal.

Entering The Time Capsule

Auctioneer Olivier Choppin-Janvry was appointed as the head of a team, experts who were assigned a task to visit the house to evaluate the assets. The apartment was located in a very posh and in center of Paris city. They went there with all the equipment that was required during the evaluation process. The moment they entered the apartment they were stunned by what they saw. The house felt like it was from another era.

Deeper Into The House

It was for Choppin-Janvry’s own good that he brought a team with him because if it was him alone in the apartment he might have gone crazy by the possession of this lady. It seemed like the place hasn’t been used for years. The dust covered most of the things inside the apartments. “There was a smell of old dust,” said Choppin-Janvry. To him as he expressed, “stumbled into the castle of sleeping beauty.” For the whole team the place was filled with priceless treasure and there it was, the most precious of them all.

Time At A Standstill

As the process of evaluating the assets was gaining pace, the experts realized that this place is a living example that showcases the height of Paris’s recognized cultural renaissance, popularly known as the Belle Époque, or the Beautiful Era. When they looked outside the window of the apartment they saw their own world but inside the place, they felt like living in between of the two worlds. The apartment was holding something very tightly behind the veil of dust. Sometimes it is better not to touch the veil because the face behind it can shock you. And the same happened with Choppin-Janvry and his team.

What Is This Place?

Behind the layers of dust, the house was reminding them of a lifestyle that only the people of elite classes lived back then. They saw lavish parties everywhere around the room. They were imagining the time when fancy and rich people stood here enjoying their grand and exclusive parties. The furniture was luxuriant, expensive perfumes on the dressing table and fancy dresses that still made the closet looked rich. Soon, they realized that all the stuff related to Mrs. De Florian were untouched. She passed away in France but this place in Paris was still holding her precious items. Why? Looking at the condition of the house, as we told you before, this place hasn’t felt any human presence in years. Why did she leave this place in firsthand? A team of normal experts turned into detectives.