Making A Movepregnant woman leaving

Samantha couldn’t see any change in the man’s behavior and one such night when she felt like she has had enough of him, she decided to move out at the same time. The thought of letting her baby see any of this scared her the most. She wanted to give the unborn a happy life but it seemed another way around. She left the place and stood at a nearby subway not knowing where to head next.

Where To Next?

Samantha couldn’t believe that she finally did it. She could never have done it if it wasn’t for her child. Standing near the subway thinking of where to go next Samantha was left with only one choice which seemed to be good enough compared to what she just came out from. But before thinking about anything she sat there for a while all alone.

Felt Free

That was the moment to feel her freedom. Samantha was so much proud of herself that she finally made it out of the emotional, mental and aggressive trap of her boyfriend. She was thinking of her past and what lies in the future for her and the baby. After all the thoughts given she knew that right then she needed a reliable place.

Safe Havenpregnant woman - Samantha Snipes

Samantha, the 3 months pregnant lady took off to her mother’s place in Arkansas. She desperately wanted some time for herself and her mother’s home was the only place where she could get it. The young woman already took one decision but the bigger one was yet to make. She cared for the baby but couldn’t really understand if she wanted to be a mother or not. According to her, she wasn’t in the state to bring up a baby and hence she was considering adoption as an option. But it wasn’t simple as her mother too started taking interest in the situation.

Give It Or Keep It?

After facing the dilemmatic situation where Samantha found herself lost in the questions whether to keep the baby or to let a good family adopt it, she finally started looking for an adoption agency. She wanted her kid to be brought up by a good family but her mother’s interruption was about to spoil everything she thought.

Conflicting Conditionspregnant woman

Samantha was five months pregnant when she decided that adoption is the right thing for her child’s secure future. When everything was almost finalized, her mother showed an interest in raising the kid on her own. Samantha appreciated her love but this confused her even more. While adoption was the correct choice she didn’t want to hurt her mother’s feeling.  And this was just the start of her emotional ups and downs.