We all have our moments when we pretend to be completely fine when in reality we feel broke. Back in 2016, Samantha Snipes, a 24-year-old, was living the same phase of her life that seemed to be normal outside but she always felt horrible inside. She was stressed and taking random steps not knowing where it’ll end up in the long run. Even after knowing her interests and her talent, she wasn’t able to pursue them. On one fateful day she was on a flight she was never supposed to be on and that’s when a stranger, just another passenger changed her life forever.

Unforeseen Futurepregnant woman - samantha snipes

Future is unforeseen for everyone but Samantha Snipes wasn’t on the right track and she could feel it inside. She never wished to end up in such a confusing situation but eventually, there she was depressed, heartbroken and yet looking for a ray of hope. Her life seemed all messed up and no one was there to understand her pain and sufferings. Neither she had a place to go nor she was in a situation to take a strong decision for herself. Time never remains the same and it was time for Samantha to get on a roller-coaster ride of her life. That was about to transform her thoughts and views.

Boyfriend Or Not?

Samantha was living with her boyfriend at that time when she got a news. Which spoiled her mind and brought some changes in her life those were never a part of her plan. So far, her boyfriend has not been of any good to her. At the beginning of their relationship he was being nice to her but after they moved in together things started to change. Samantha’s boyfriend became more possessive as well as aggressive towards her. After the news, she got a clear picture that she has to take a big bold step now or she’ll be spending the rest of her life being a victim.

Unexpected Situationpregnant woman

Samantha was doubting on the reports of the pregnancy test kits but after hearing it from the doctor she was certain about her pregnancy. She wasn’t planning on getting pregnant still the news was overwhelming for her. She didn’t feel any maternal instincts knowing a life is growing inside her but instead was worried about the baby’s future. She wanted to see if her boyfriend will have a change of heart as well as nature after knowing that he’s going to become a father. Just as her expectations he was still the same and it was more than Samantha could tolerate.

Unborn And Unsafe

Samantha always felt unsafe with her boyfriend and with the unborn baby inside her she had two lives to save. The baby was on its way and Samantha was stuck with other issues in her life. She wanted to live the next few months of her pregnancy as the most memorable one but she knew it was impossible to happen in the company of her boyfriend and the father of her baby. Hence, she took the bold step for the sake of her kid and herself.

Maternal Instinctpregnant woman - samantha snipes

Samantha had enough with this unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend and she knew she was already thinking to leave him before she got to know about the baby. She knew it wasn’t easy at all and also she was scared to face that man. Now, with the responsibility of her baby, she built up this immense strength to do what she should’ve done months before. She was ready to move out of his place she had no backup plans though. Seemed to her like she couldn’t take it anymore.

One Midnight

As nothing was getting any better and one night the water was above her head. Her boyfriend pushed her on the bed with both of his hands around her neck.’ Samantha managed to run out she packed her things while her drunk boyfriend was shouting. She was aware that once she moved out there’s no turning back. She didn’t even want to look at her boyfriend’s face ever again. She was all set to go; unaware that things are only going to get worse for her.