Left Home

The owner informed Jacqueline that at one point in time the cat had disappeared and did not come back for a very long time. The owner was disappointed and thought that the cat had gone forever and the owner would never be able to see her again but, to her surprise, the cat returned after a few weeks.

Not Good

After her return, the owner could notice little changes in her. Initially, the owner thought that the cat must be traumatized hence needed care. As the owner started spending more time with the cat, she discovered that her cat was pregnant. 


This news was exciting for the owner but soon worry took over the excitement when she realized that she neither had space for the kittens nor she had an idea about how to take care of the pregnant cat or her kittens.

The Decision

The cat owner kept aside all her worries and focussed on her cat’s well being. She trusted Jacqueline’s team for her cat and asked for their advice. She was all aware of the treatment that they would be providing her cat hence she blindly gave the responsibility in the hands of the rescue network.


Jacqueline was impressed by the lady. The way she introduced her cat and other problems to Jacqueline made her realize that there are many people with big hearts alive. She could not wait to see the cat and the lady, so she directed them to her office which was basically a clinic. 

Setting Up

Jacqueline was quite excited about having a new member added to their already big family. She asked her members to set up a comfortable living space for the “to-be-mommy” cat. All the members prepared themselves to accept a new animal in their clinic and the family as well.