Animals do not know how to unlove people whom they once used to love. It is really sad to know that humans are so vicious that they would even abandon pets when they find it strenuous to look after the pet. This is the reason why most of the animals are homeless.

The Job

When people abandon pet animals, then the rescue team comes into action. Some owners choose to leave their pets on the streets, some reach out to Jacqueline’s team when they are unable to take care of their pets anymore. The team, without asking further questions readily accepts the pets and takes care of them wholeheartedly. 

One Fine Morning

One morning while sipping the cup of coffee, Jacqueline heard her phone ringing from the other room. She thought it would be a case of emergency so she quickly headed to her office. Little did she know that the help was needed but for the long term.

Help Needed

The call she attended was of a cat owner who was seeking advice. She told Jaqueline that her cat was pregnant and she had no knowledge as to how she should be taking care of the pregnant cat and kittens that would soon come into the world.


Jacqueline agreed to help the owner as she felt that in her clinic, the cat would be taken care of and it would be like many other deliveries that she had administered. Jacqueline could never say a “no” to the people who love animals hence she agreed on helping her with the cat’s pregnancy. 


Before Jacqueline indulge in the case, the cat owner wanted to reveal the cat’s history. She wanted to disclose everything the cat went through. In order to keep everything transparent, the owner took a chance and made Jacqueline aware of the phase the cat was in.