One of the most terrible things that a person can do would definitely be animal abuse. There are so many violent actions that people have committed on animals. Animal abuse can be in many forms. It is really truly vile to think that some people find enjoyment in punishing innocent animals. One of the victims of such kind of treatment is this adorable husky. When he was rescued, he was in a very bad state. His former owners were so cruel to him and the people that rescued him had to do a lot to help him recover…

Tortured Puppy

Just by looking at this doggy, you can only imagine how twisted his previous owners must be. How could anyone want to inflict harm on this cute furball? This husky goes by the name Kane. The animal rescue team first found little Kane when he was just a puppy. He was only five months old then. The little puppy was in such a bad shape that the rescuers felt very sorry for the poor guy. His body was almost covered in bruises from all the abuse he had been through. Not only that, his hind legs were also broken.

Terrible Cruelty

So who are the ones responsible for saving the day and making sure poor little Kane was in safe hands? It was none other than California’s not-for-profit animal welfare group called Ranch Dog Rescue. They rushed to get the puppy as soon as they heard the kind of state he was in. They came to find out that Kane’s previous owner had made sure his mouth was completely closed shut. His mouth was shut so tightly that his snout still has the bruise marks and cannot be removed or healed.

Poor Health

Imagine how suffocating it must be for the little guy. When we keep these bands on our dogs for a few minutes at the vet, we often see that they get really uncomfortable even just for a short while. So just imagine how long his snout would have been covered for it to leave permanent marks. There was another problem. Since his mouth had been shut for so long, his teeth started to show some problems too. Kane’s teeth were now rotten and he was in serious pain. Who would do such a heinous crime to this dog then?

US Marines

What kind of monster would let their poor dog suffer for such a long time and not do something about it? The people responsible for the insensitive treatment towards Kane were his owners Joseph and Victoria Yruegas. These two had served in the Marines with Victoria holding the position of a Lieutenant Corporal. The couple did not show any signs of remorse whatsoever when they were questioned about how the dog had so many bruises. The couple simply claimed that Kane “fell off the kitchen counter.”


It was all clear from the first sight that Kane had been through a lot of pain and had suffered a tremendous amount. For about five months of his life, Kane had been suffering in the merciless hands of his owners who did not seem to care one bit about his well-being. So as soon as he was rescued from his cruel owners, Kane’s life was starting to become a little better. They immediately fixed his hind legs. The rescue team shared many details of the poor dog’s rescue and the public seemed to support the act.

Lots of Work

When they finally reached their destination, the rescuers could immediately tell that there was going to have to be a lot of work done for the puppy to get better. When they took him to the doctors, they actually pinned Kane’s leg bones together because of the fact that they had been shattered. They could fix up his legs but there was another problem, his snout. Since the bruises on his snout were too deep, they doctors said that the scars would have to remain there forever. The next thing they had to work on was Kane’s mental health.