“Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong,” are the words from a person who definitely has closely analyzed humans’ strong bond with their furry friends. Dogs are the best buddies who don’t mind spending time with us 24*7 and we treat them as a part of our family, so, how could anyone possibly hurt our family? Moreover, expect us not to react! Isn’t that outrageous? Something similar happened when a shocking discovery became the reason for this dog owner’s anger. Animal shelters are not the only majority places which don’t treat pooches well, daycares stand in the line too

Pet Owners

Luke Mullaney and his girlfriend, Lauren Mayer lives in Chicago, Illinois with their adorable Mya. Different types of German Shepherds can be seen as they’re bred with many other breeds and Mya too is a German Shepherd mix-breed pooch whom they adopted two years back from a German Shepherd adoption agency. Trust us when we tell you that they managed to spend quality time with Mya every day, even after their full-time jobs that they never felt a need to enroll Mya in a daycare center. But due to some reasons, they gave it a second thought.

Dog Daycares

The trend of dog daycare started with New York City’s  Yuppie Puppy Pet Care, owned by Joseph S. Sporn(in the picture) that is said to be the first care center in the U.S. that started in 1987. Since then the concept has been widely encouraged and people have not just spend a large amount in buying dog products but many have shown interest in opening dog’s daycares within their homes and now there are local pet grooming services every here and there. Today we are going to keep a clear picture in front of you of what happens in dog daycares.

An Instant Increase!

Dogs are the most petted animals across the United States and the need of a daycare center is increasing every day as with pet dogs, come a lot of responsibility. After coming home from a tiring day, all we want is to lay down and relax, while our dogs are always super active, ready to hit the roads for long walks, after staying quiet for the whole day and doing almost nothing, our pooch’s excitement is justified.

Owners wish that their dogs were equally tired and just cuddle with them and that’s the role of a daycare. However, Luke was happy to do all it takes for Mya.

 A Decision To Be Made

Somewhere early last year, Luke and Lauren decided to enroll Mya in a nearby dogs daycare. After checking out a few options they finalized Posh Pet Day Spa, one of the best places for dog grooming according to them and not because they weren’t able to give Mya all the time she needed but for a different reason and we find it valid enough.

Sad Past

As you know every dog is unique in its own way and accordingly their requirements differ and only their owners can understand fine. Poor Mya was neglected by her previous owner and now she had anxiety issues and wasn’t open to socializing and for this reason, Luke wanted to introduce her to other pups and let her spend time with other dogs at the spa.

One Year Passed

For around one year now Luke has been dropping Mya at Posh Pet Day Spa two times a week just expecting that Mya would feel less anxious in the company of other dogs, and would slowly come out of her shell and start feeling safe. All his hopes to see improvement in Mya’s behavior shattered when he found something strange on Mya’s neck.