Realizing that your kid is missing would be one of the biggest blows that a parent could ever get hit by. You would be able to rest until you find them again. The police were losing hope of finding anything helpful when they went inside the house of Diane Dobbs. A few years back, they had gone through this very property. This time, however, they took a closer look. They had been searching for so long but when they pushed aside one dresser kept in the house, it led to them questioning everything they had already gathered.

Complicated Relationship
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This story revolves around Shannon Wilfong and Michael Chekevdia. Although they dated, their love life was certainly not a smooth one. The pair did not have the most ideal relationship, however, the two still continued to stay by each other’s side. They did not expect their relationship to meet with any change but in 2002, when their son Ricky was born, everything started to get even more complex.

Breaking It Off

They did care for each other but were always willing to try and make it work. They each gave the effort to stay together ever since they first started to date. Even after their son was welcomed, the couple still had reasons to fight. They did all they to live together as a family but since their fights still continued, they mutually decided to end things. They decided to share custody of their kid… but things soon changed…

Wishing To Be A Good Dad

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The couple broke up but were willing to share custody as they thought it would be the best for little Ricky. Ever since the year 1982, Michael had worked as a National Guard and had been stationed in West Frankfort, which is nearby Royalton, Illinois. This was also Michael’s hometown. Michael however, ended up being deployed in Iraq soon after Ricky was born.

Putting Effort

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Even though he had been separated from his son when he was born, Michael did not let this get him down. He wanted to be a good father and put as much effort as he could to act like one. He did all he could to stay in touch with Ricky during the time he was posted overseas. He could not wait until his new son could be held in his arms once again. He was missing him a lot.

Back AgainThe Custody Agreement Broke Down

Ricky was with his mother during the time his father was deployed. When Michael’s tour of duty finally got over in the year 2004, he was extremely excited to head back to Illinois, back home to see his son. Michael was eager to see his son really soon but he was also extremely anxious as he was a first-time father. He was looking forward to spending some quality time with Ricky not knowing how things were going to turn out…

The Custody Battle

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Michael had to spend a long while away from his new son. He was finally able to come home and spend time with his baby boy. Till this time Shannon was taking care of their son. She was certainly not used to sharing custody and her behavior started to change. She was creating problems to make sure Michael could not spend time with Ricky. She refused to let Michael see his son to the point where they took things to court…