Storming Out

The woman hastily got the baby from the dog, found her phone and dog’s collar. After that, she ran outside the house. The woman dialed 911 with trembling hands. Her entire surrounding was sleeping so she decided to wake them up and warn them about this threat. She did not have much time.

Fire! Fire!

Nana had gone white with fear. She began screaming “Fire! Fire!” She screamed from the top of her voice hoping that someone would listen to her. A few minutes later the woman started banging at the doors and windows of her neighbors in order to wake them up. 

No One Around

She was extremely worried about her cousin and aunt as they used to live next to her apartment. She did not know if they were in danger or not. And then another terrifying incident took place.  

Raging Fire

Nana was shouting out for help outside her house whereas Sasha once again ran inside the flaming house. Sasha was searching for the other two kids in the house. Luckily, that night they were not staying in the house.

Finding Sasha

Nana said, “they were visiting their dad at the time, but Sasha didn’t know that.” In a few minutes, firefighters made to the site. Nana requested them to find Sasha. Smoke was billowing out of the house. It was difficult to tell if she was alive or not.    

“Where’s Sasha?”

Nana did not want to lose Sasha at any cost. She had become an integral part of the family. But no matter how much the firefighters tried they could not find her. “The smoke was so bad. I kept yelling, ‘Where’s Sasha?’ and the firefighters said there’s no dog in there. But I knew Sasha was in the house.”