Trying To Communicate

This was very weird of Sasha. She had never acted this weird before. Something was definitely wrong. She stepped outside to see if everything was right. It was all dark. All her neighbors had gone to sleep. 

Strange Behaviour


Nana said, “struts in and goes straight to the couch and lays down…” However, that does not happen this time. Sasha ran inside the room. She was barking at her and was moving around.

Sasha Ran Inside

Sasha had woken up her family in the middle of the night and was behaving strangely. Nana sensed it, “OK, this is weird. This is not like her.” And when she went outside to see what was happening she got her answer. Her neighbor was caught in the fire which was approaching her apartment rapidly.    

For Real?

Nana explained, “I was shocked and I was stuck, thinking, ‘Is this for real?'” She could sense her body gone cold with fear. The woman had to think on her feet as the flames were soon going to take over her house. The woman looked around to see if anyone was out.

A House In Flames

The fire had set Nana’s cousin house ablaze. The house was engulfed with flames and now the fire was rapidly moving towards her house. Nana was all blank. She could not understand what to do. Inside the house, Sasha was looking for Masailah, her human sister. 

Time To Go!

Nana who was yet to overcome the recent blow ran inside the house to grab her child. But little did she know there was another surprise awaiting her. She saw Sasha in her room. “She had already had my baby by the diaper and was dragging her off the bed,” Nana recalled.