Something New

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And so after marrying each other, Winston and Janet started their life together by purchasing a small farm in a nearby village in the calm England countryside. The town had always been a very busy city, where a train stop was situated right between the bustling metropolises of Bristol and Birmingham. But soon, after the station closed in 1965, it got a little closed off once again.

Still A Lively Town
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But the sleepy little village was not completely affected in a negative way after being closed off. The small town is still quite alive and as busy as ever, even without much tourists and commuters the train used to bring in. So no one ever expected that this would actually serve a good purpose to showcase the couple’s unbelievable legacy.

A Picturesque Life

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So since the couple decided to live in the countryside, working on the farm followed suit. It gave the newlyweds busy and to have goals of their own. While Winston took care of and cultivated the land that they now bought, Janet would be in charge of looking after the house, keeping things organized and making it a home rather than a house.

Happy Life Cut Short
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And indeed the two of them were living a simple yet comfortable life. Janet and Winston basically had whatever a couple would need. And even they agreed that they were living a nice life, that they did not really need anything more. Their love was enough to get by each day. It was all they needed to survive. But sadly this couple would meet with an unfortunate incident.

The One Big Regret

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And since they were so connected and in love, not a day went by on their farm that this newlywed couple got bored. Janet and Winston had a happy life together without much to worry about. Now, though the two were head over heels for each other, there was something that was always at the back of their heads: parenthood. They did not have kids yet…

An Evidence
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They did not hurry that much and were actually planning on starting a huge family. They wanted their land and home to be properly tended to by their future generations. Unfortunately for them, this dream of theirs would not happen. But their time spent on the farm would definitely mark and show evidence of the love they had for each other…