Matter Of Concern

The parents became worried as to what they should do because they certainly did not have a house so big that would be sufficient for a dog as big as Patch was growing to be. “We didn’t have a big yard,” said Richard. “We didn’t really have a place for Patch to stay.” 

Maybe A Mistake

“As Patch started to grow, we realized that maybe we had made a mistake,” Nola said. “He was gonna be a big dog and the house was an awful small house.” Richard also lamented the matter. But little did the couple know this was just the start of something unimaginable for the family. 


The couple decided that they needed to do something about the problem. They discussed the matter with their kids who they knew were immensely attached to Patch. They put the possibility on the table of giving Patch another family where he would have a bigger house to play in and could bring the whole of his energy to utilization. 

Taking A Pause

The children were deeply tensed after they heard that their parents were thinking of sending Patch away. And Andrew was deeply worried, “I said ‘NO’. I said I would build a fence or something.” So the parents decided to withhold the decision for some time until they could think of a better solution. It would be revealed soon if they should have let him go, or it was the right decision to keep Patch with them.

Complexities Grew

Patch’s unusually big size continued to bother Nola and Richard and they were unable to think of an alternative to the problem. They were perplexed about what should they do until one winter evening when everything changed after what Patch did to the Davis family. 

One January Eve

On the 12th of January in 1999, when the Davis family was spending what they thought was a normal and regular day and there was nothing different, God had planned a drastic change for the whole family which they had no idea about.