Nola and Richard got a cute little pooch that was up for adoption by its first family beacause of not being able to take care of him for some reason. They both decided to surprise their kids and packed the little pooch as a present and hid it in the back of the car. “We tricked the kids,” Richard said. “We had a dog hidden in the back seat and they couldn’t see it. They were looking in there going, “what is it?’” 


When the children finally found out what was hidden in the present, their happiness had no bounds. “I just lost it and I started crying ’cause I was so excited,” said little Clara Davis. They had finally got a new best friend, and that too a cute one. 

Meet Patch

The Davis family named then little pooch Patch. He mixed into the family so warmly that it never felt like he was new in the family. It seemed like he was a member of the family since the beginning and he belonged there among Nola, Richard, Clara and Andrews. 


But there had been two very unusual things about Patch that would both turn the coarse of the Davis family all together, in a way none of the members would have thought of. And something awful was going to happen with the family. 


The first unusual thing was that Patch was scared of water. It is true that many dogs are scared of water but Patch detested even looking at the sight of water and ran away like crazy whenever he saw water anywhere near him. He would hardly ever take a bath and considered it a torture and avoided going anywhere even close to the bathrooms. The bathroom would be the last place where you would find Patch. 


Patch started to grow, just like every dog is supposed to. But the problem was, Patch did not stop growing at all. His size kept on increasing with each passing day and he became unusually big which became a matter of concern for Nola and Richard. It was a very abnormal situation for anyone to face.