Perfect Pedigree

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As soon as the war got over, the Russian General made a quick decision to establish an Akhal-Teke breeding farm for himself. He must have been really impressed with these horses because he acted on this rather quickly. The incredible strength and undeniable effort exhibited by the horse during the battle was something that the Empire needed to hold possession of. These horses, according to him had the perfect pedigree. During this time was when these horses were given the breed name.

Naming The Breed

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So then when the General Kuropatkin finally had the opportunity to breed these special horses, there was a very important task handed to him. He was going to have to take the responsibility of naming the breed of the horse. He made sure he honored the courageous fighters of the war, namely the Teke tribesman that his Empire had fought in the war. They were also residing nearby the Akhal oasis. So it was only fitting that he went on to name the horses: Akhal-Teke.

Show Stopper

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So what are these horses used for these days since the time of war and epic battles have long passed us by? Well in more recent days, the Akhal-Teke has been bred mostly for showing and racing only. Because of their beauty and endurance, it only makes sense that they compete in such type of events. Even on such platforms and competitions they also become a fan favorite. People can always see how beautiful they are, and immediately get impressed by their physical abilities.

Cross Breeding

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There have been many problems that these horses have faced in recent times. One big example of the issues that the breed has faced would definitely have to be the horror of cross-breeding. This was done initially with good intentions. Taking an effort to create even stronger, more resilient racehorses, the breeders started to cross breed other stallions with the Akhal-Teke. This was done so as to try and create a super horse that would be able to beat out any other horse.

Decline in Population

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Crossbreeding is responsible for the drastic decrease in the Akhal-Teke population. Turkmenistan minister of horses, Geldy Kyarizov who had become a strong advocate for the Akhal-Teke, found out the cross-breeding of the Thoroughbreds with the Akhal Teke. There was nothing he could do to stop it. Horse racers were doing whatever they can to create stronger, faster horses. On a lighter note, crossbreeding has resulted in the creation of many powerful horses.

Arabian-American Horses

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So then, how did these cross breeds turn out to be you ask? Well, one of the most popular crossbreeds would have to be the Arabian-American. This horse is an American crossbreed and has been an English favorites show horse. It is among the favorite breeds by horse enthusiasts. Just look at the special speckled skin which makes it stand out when placed with other breeds of horses. When talking about horses standing out, this other horse has to be mentioned.