We all have bad days, but some of us sometimes, have days worse than bad days. These people below were having one of those days. And obviously, they aren’t happy about it. However, their plight is so bad that is funny and will totally make your day better with a hearty laugh. So enjoy at others’ expense and try to not let ANY of this happen to you. EVER. Because it’s not funny when you are the one in the situation!

Happy Burnday!

Having hair cut by having them burnt is actually the in thing today, I kid you not. You can google it if you have trust issues. For this woman, however, a haircut was not on the cake, card I mean. This birthday of hers would definitely have been memorable for all the wrong reasons. Hope she was able to put out the fire from her hair before her scalp started showing! She was blowing the candles but they blew hair away.

Well, That Works

Remember Arya from Game Of Thrones and her Needle sword? All these soldiers seem to have a Needle but this one had trust issues and wanted to test it. Unfortunately for him, the needle was sharp and did a lot of damage. Bet he is wondering how he is going to explain this to his superiors and his wife.

That Gotta Hurt Man

That is exactly what the expressions of these rescuers seem to say. How this man managed to get himself adorned in cacti is a secret he is going to take to his grave. The only concern right now is how to get all the needles off from his body and they are stuck in pretty tricky places if you watch the image closely.

Winter Just Came

Heavy storms can cause water leaks. Unfortunately for this guy, the parking lot water pipe broke right above his car, during a snowstorm. It must have been spine chilling cold out there to have frozen water in its motion like that. Alas, there is no way for this guy to have his car come out unscratched if he breaks the ice. Unless, he waits for the spring, good for the environment though, another man would be using public transport.

Unhinged Photobombing

This woman who was probably getting a candid clicked and she would definitely have been miffed at the lady in the background if the ill fate had not fallen on her. It’s really rare that swings come unhinged and this occasion was captured, though out of focus on the camera. One even can’t call it karma because having the swing chain broken and falling down to get hurt seems too harsh a punishment for photobombing, no?

I Believe I Can Flyhaving worst day ever 3

Okay, the man at the end of the line just knew before it happened, what was going to happen. You can notice the man protecting his business to decrease the amount of hurt he was about to receive, nonetheless, he could not avoid the damage and it can be seen the moment he is the victim of the culprit’s hilarious fail. It is as if the man running had something against him and failed the jump on purpose!