The Grieving Wife

The Grieving Wife

It broke his heart to see a  woman crying hysterically beside a headstone. He decided to try and calm her down. Soon enough, they sparked up a conversation and she spoke to him about her husband Joseph, who had been dead for five years. Somehow, talking to Jake relieved some of her grief. The conversation really helped her and Jake had no clue about it.

Life After Death

Life After Death

Months later, Raymond and Rachel visited the Joseph’s Grave at Garden Park Cemetery. They saw something unbelievable. All the other graves were dry and brown while the grass on their son’s plot was green and lively. But the grieving parents had no idea how this had happened, presuming that a miracle had occurred.

An Angel

Earth Angel

Jake approached Joseph’s astonished parents, explaining to them how he had conversed with their daughter-in-law a few months back. He also told them about his daily routine and how he decided to do the same for Joseph’s grave. Jake felt that it was the least he could do for a man who served his country. Raymond and Rachel didn’t realize that Jake had lost someone in the armed forces too.

Losing A ChildA Child Lost

Jake’s daughter, Misha, married a U.S. veteran named Benjamin. After getting deployed, Ben learned he had cancer. Even after going through chemo, his son-in-law died in 2011. Misha has remarried with two kids but Benjamin has always had a place in her heart. So, Jake could sympathize with the parent’s pain of losing a son.

Not Strangers AnymoreStrangers No More

Jake’s incredible selflessness warmed Raymond and Rachel heart, but they had an idea how to thank him, so they just gave him a huge hug. Rachel couldn’t believe that a stranger who had never met her son took the time to care for her son’s plot. Turns out, Jake and Raymond were not complete strangers at all. How?you ask.

It’s In His Nature

It's In His Nature

Now Jake has two people to visit in the graveyard; his wife Betty, and Joseph, whom he calls Joe. Of course, with the open heart that he has, according to Jake’s son, Roger, he claims his dad’s affection for Joe is similar to the way he treated his wife and kids. Roger wanted to make sure his father’s gesture goes viral.