Military Life Cycle

When a family member dies, it hurts. The void they leave when they pass away is endless and the pain is indescribable. Sometimes, however, a kind gesture from family, a friend, or a random stranger can lessen the pain.This family that received an unexpected act of compassion from another mourner
Military Life Cycle

Staff Sergeant Joseph Villasenor served commendably for 16 years in the United States Air Force, after enlisting back in 1994. He pitched for the Charleston Air Force Base’s softball league, his favorite sport. For Villasen his dreams definitely came true. But in 2010, something unexpected happened to him.

Passing AwayRest In Peace

Sergeant Villasenor died in a car crash at just 36 years of age. As an Arlington, Texas native, his body was interred in Conroe, Texas at Garden Park Cemetery. His parents, Raymond and Rachel plus his wife were left devastated. One day, they visited his grave and discovered something a widower had done.

Moving OnForging Ahead

86-year-old Jake Reissig lost his wife, Betty, of 65 years in the year of 2014. With nine kids, they had an amazing married life. After Betty died, the Conroe resident started a routine that he continues to do to this day. Luckily, the other grieving family has found gratitude because of his actions.

The Widower’s Practice

A Widower's Routine

Jake goes to church every Sunday morning. Then he joins one of his kids for coffee before going home. When he reaches home, he snips a few roses from his beautiful garden and heads to pay his wife a visit at Garden Park Cemetery. He also makes sure to water Betty’s headstone before leaving her the roses. He had never forgotten to practice this routine, come rain or shine.

A Rose For Dear Betty

A Rose For Betty

Jake truly is a romantic soul! All through their 65-years of being married, he gave Betty a rose every day. But death has no dominion over love, so he still gives her a rose. On occasions, he speaks to her telling her how much he misses her. But in 2015, something caused him to change his routine by adding one more task.

Green With Love

Green With Love

Texas was hit by a tragic drought in the summer of 2015 causing the grass in the cemetery to turn all yellow and dried up. Jake still went to water Betty’s grave trying to maintain the green grass. In the end, his dedication paid off and the grass turned green again. Then one day, as he wrapped up his routine, he discovered something heart-wrenching.