Preparations And Training

Though she thought she had found a way but it wasn’t that easy as it seemed to be. This task would require a lot of training and preparations under a guide. There were a lot of surprises that were waiting to come in her way and one of them was quite surprising and risky than the others. She found out that – California was not particularly a flat state, the moment she began to pedal on the road. Because of the mountainous landscape and a lot of sharp angles and steep roads, she was unaware of the threat she was putting her life into.

Untoward Event

She had started to work on her idea and soon she was going to hit the road on her cycle. Then one day, when she was going on a mountainous region with high speed exerting all her power with every pedal, suddenly the front wheel of her bike hit a pothole. She tried to stop her cycle with a break but she flew off her bike and fell hard on the asphalt. She saw her life flash in front of her eyes when she saw a huge truck arriving her way.  What would she do now?

Near-death Experience

Her body was giving up on her as the truck got near but her undying will helped her get back on her bike and manage to get on a safer side. As she pushed herself she saw the truck losing its balance on the same spot she had fallen and but luckily it balanced itself again. Kiersten was startled and numb to pick her self up. Her legs were in unimaginable pain still she limped for 6 long miles before she sighted any other human and luckily the person was her mother.

A Blow

Despite she was saved by her mother, the incident had caused her more harm than the war in Iraq. So, on her mother’s persistent request, she took a break to focus on her health. But she wasn’t the one who would just sit back, so she started to raise money for the Student Veterans of America. Soon this became a big movement and she received enormous help from the students all over the country. Many of them ended up doing the cross-country ride in solidarity.

The Groom

When Kiersten was facing such hurdles, Thomas’s life wasn’t any smooth too. In 2004, he had joined the Air Force and worked as a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Technician. He too earned the rank of staff sergeant and was a well-respected member of his team. However, just like his bride-to-be, he too went through a tragic incident in his life which changed his life forever.

The Accident

33-year-old Thomas Martineau had returned from his duty after suffering no injuries. But time can never be always on your side and it seemed like time had turned away its head from Thomas soon after his return. The other day, he met with a terrible motorbike accident which paralyzed his both legs. This broke him from within. Would he able to deal with it?