Light At The End Of Tunnel

One thing leads to another! After finding the name of the woman she thought to be her mother, she managed to get her address as well. It seemed that the decade-long puzzle was finally going to be solved. However, little did she know, there was a big surprise awaiting her at the end of the investigation.

Wait Is Over?

Her eyes were brimmed with tears and her head was full of questions. She had been waiting for this moment for a very long time and finally, it was there, right before her. She did not know how was she going to confront her mother and what would she ask. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to see her. She went straight to her house.

Standing On The Door

Her heart was racing throughout the journey and when she saw herself standing before the lady’s house door, she even thought of running away. But instead of that, she decided to go in. The house was well-built. It was way better than the houses she had seen before. Soon her thought got interrupted when she saw an old lady standing before her. 

The Moment Of Truth

The old lady was looking at her curiously. Patricia introduced herself and asked her if she was her mother. The question entailed a deafening silence. The old woman stared at her for a moment and DENIED. Well, it definitely broke Patricia’s heart. She knew the woman was lying. She was indeed her mother but why was she lying? With a broken heart, she paced back to her home where she was going to have another surprise. The surprise was going to set goals for her journey.   


Patricia LoftonShe came back home heavy-heartedly. This was not how she had expected her meeting with her mother would be. But the day had one more surprise for her. Now she knew who her mother is but now sitting on the sofa she was going to find out one more surprising detail about her original family.

Getting Another Clue!

She switched on her TV in order to divert her mind. However, little did she know that her fate was hell-bent on having her reach her birth mother. She tuned in to a news channel that had a very useful information for her. The channel was showing life journey of a woman named Vernita Lee. She sensed a connection with the story.