Getting Pregnant

Patricia Lofton

History was repeating itself! Patricia faced the similar situation as her mother did in her young days. She got pregnant at a very young age. She was yet to graduate high school and she already had life breathing inside her. Just like her mother, the circumstances did bother her but unlike her mother, she decided to keep her baby girl with herself. She prepared herself to take on the world as a single mother.

Making A Decision!

Patricia Lofton

After nine months she gave birth to a beautiful girl child and named her Aquarius. Being a single mother, all her responsibility was upon her. She had to put her plans on a halt for some time. When she turned twenty she decided to at least start the investigation. She knew exactly where to start. 

Both The World

Along with looking for her birth mother, Patricia was handling her professional and personal life too. A lot of things were going on in her life. She recently had given birth to her daughter and was searching for a job. She knew finding her birth mother would be an uphill task or perhaps would prove a wild goose chase after a certain point of time. Nevertheless, she kept trying!

Passing Time

After six years of the birth of her daughter, Patricia gave birth to her first son, Andrea. The family was expanding that made her shoulder lots of responsibilities coming with it. In order to fight poverty, Patricia began doing two jobs. Juggling between personal and professional life, she put off her mission to an indefinite time.

Growing Life

Though she wanted to meet her family, life kept her too busy to undertake this peculiar journey. But it doesn’t mean her yearning ended, it is just she could not get enough time to for that. Time passed by and she stepped into the golden stage of her life. Even though decades had passed by, her wish remained the same.

The Adoption Records

The adoption record she had been looking for many years was finally in her hand. The forty-year-old lady shuffled through the record. There was a lot of names mentioned in the record. She kept reading till her eyes glued to a name that she had been looking for so long. Though the name did not ring any bell, she decided to meet the woman.