Patricia Lofton underwent a slew of the hard truth that began with the fact that the family she had been living with since her childhood was not her biological family. She had been adopted by her current family and that she had one sister from her biological mother. The curiosity triggered and the woman decided to find out more about her biological family. Despite the hardships and difficulties, Patricia manages to reach her biological family. And when she learned who her sister is, she felt floor swept off her feet. By then her long-lost sister had made a big name for herself in the showbiz. Her sister happens to be one of the most influential, rich and powerful women on earth. This ordinary woman had a celebrity sister! Do you want to know who the celebrity sister is?

Life On Welfare

Patricia Lofton

So how did it all happen? How come an ordinary and middle-class woman has a big celebrity sister? Though it must not be making any sense to you now after reading this amazing real-life story you would soon find out. Patricia was seven years old when she got adopted by a family. As her biological mother was not financially sound to cater to the need of one more kid, she decided to give her up for adoption. At the tender age of seven, Patricia got separated from her family.

Nowhere To Go

Patricia Lofton

Life had always been unfair to her. She was handed over to the foster care when she was just born. She stayed under the foster care for seven years till a family adopted her. Unfortunately, the girl could not get the motherly love when she needed the most and the lacking of which only traumatized her.

Never Over Past

Patricia Lofton

Even though she got adopted by a well-to-do family her desire to meet her real parents always haunted her. With the time yearning only got intensified and she decided to find her original family. She wanted to know why her biological mother chose her for the adoption. There were lots of question she needed answers of. However, during the journey, she had never expected that the destiny was going to be surprising. 

A Misfit

Oprah Winfrey

Despite getting enough love and affection from her new family she always felt a hollow in her heart. She considered herself a misfit in the family. No matter how much she tried, she could never feel homelike there. In fact, she wanted to go back to her biological family. Although she had no clue where her old family is or do they even exist or not. 

Limited Memories

Patricia had very limited knowledge about her mother. She knew that her birth mother conceived when she was short on cash and already had many children to take care of. She needed to think of something as she was in no way ready to look after one more child. And so she decided to put her newborn child up for adoption.

No Hard Feelings

Patricia had enough reasons to hate her biological mother but for some strange reasons, she could not hate her. She believed her mother did not intend to give her away. There must have been a valid reason. She wanted to meet her and confirm her belief.