Nobody Shared

It took weeks for Cally to realize that this $20 couch seemed little difference. She thought that because they were too excited to find a couch this good that too this cheap, they didn’t see it. But Cally had something else on her mind, she thought that it might be Reese or Lara who did something with the couch and she decided to talk to them. The time was near when all three of them will discover something unexpected. They thought it was just a simple bump on the sofa handles but soon they will find out the real reason behind it.

Blame Game

Cally searched for Reese and Lara, she found them sitting out in the balcony. Cally asked them to come inside as she wanted to talk about something. Reese and Lara haven’t seen her this serious and they were anxious as they thought it must be something really important that she wants to talk about. They rushed in to see if Cally was alright and found her sitting on the sofa with a smirk on her face. What’s with the evil smile on the face?

Sit down And Let’s Talk

Cally asked Reese and Lara to sit and was looking really mysterious. They all settled down and Cally asked both of them about the sofa about which they didn’t have any clue. They thought, what about the sofa? We all bought it together. But Cally wasn’t asking about that but about the bump on the right side of the sofa. This bump wasn’t huge but, if you looked really closely you can tell there was a little bump on the right side of the sofa handle. But what was that mysterious bump? They all found out really soon and was shocked after they discovered the reason behind the bump.

Nobody To Blame

All three of them had no idea about the mysterious bump on the right handle of the sofa but it was making them really uncomfortable, now when all three of them are aware of that. The only question they kept asking each other was why did they not see it before? They checked out the sofa and they even sat on it, but still, they didn’t see this bump. What could be the reason behind it?

Should We Do It?

Reese, Cally, and Lara couldn’t decide their next move. They thought of tearing the cloth and see what was causing this mystery, but it would ruin the sofa and the extra expense would not be on their favor. Being a student, they thought of leaving the sofa as it is and move on. They bought it for $20 and they thought, this is what comes with $20 spending. The discovery was waiting for its time and soon it was time.

Leave It Than

The cost of repairing the sofa was out of the budget and they decided to leave the idea behind. They really wanted to know the reason behind the bump. They kept touching the bump from the outside to make what it can be. Reese felt like there is something stuffed inside it. Cally suggested that it could be something which was left behind when the sofa was under repair and the person who was repairing it forgot one of his items. But Lara wasn’t convinced because no instruments can make a bump like this. The instruments are hard and this bump when felt didn’t look like one. What was it?