There is a saying,” the friends you make in college will be your friends for the rest of your life” and it’s extremely true for these three best-friends who started their adventure in a new college life and what they found in their adventure is something worth reading. Their discovery shocked everybody around them. They wouldn’t have thought of finding something this big in a place where people usually don’t find anything. But they did and it is something that’ll blow your mind. It was hard for us to believe that things like this even happen today, but after reading this story we are sure that people do find amazing things. You’ll find out soon.

Happy Three Roommates

This is a story about three roommates Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo who moved from New York to explore their new lives as college students. Little they knew their life would take a big turn and everything around will change after discovering something that they never imagined to find.

Settling In

All three of them were new in the New York City, of course, they heard of what an amazing city it is but still, they needed some time to inhale the breeze. Their first task was to buy a place where all three of them can fit in easily and that too on a budget. They looked for several places and then found one near the campus. The room wasn’t a furnished one but still, they were getting good vibes from the place. They rented the place and their journey started and the destiny was just a few pages away before it reads out their life-changing line.

All The Stuff They Needed

As the newly-rented place wasn’t a furnished one, they decided to buy some stuff that they’ll gonna use on regular basis. Being a student they were living on a fixed budget and because of that, they bought some of their stuff from the flea market. While looking around they saw a nice couch which they thought will look awesome in their new place. They sat on the couch before purchasing it and this was it, the destiny was decided. What happened next shocked them to the core.

Should Have Been A Normal Couch

We all know that in a thrift shop you don’t have many choices but if you are lucky then maybe there is something which could attract you. The same happened to these three who bought a couch from a thrift store. You must be thinking why are emphasizing so much on a normal couch? Because we have a very good reason for that.

It’s All About The Couch

They bought the couch for only $20 and they were happy with the price and the couch. But little did they know this $20 couch would change their lives forever. The truth behind the couch would soon come out in open and later things will not remain the same for all three of them. Reese was sitting on the couch while Cally and Lara were giving the thrift store manager their address. Reese thought something was off about the sofa but he didn’t tell Cally and Lara because it seemed like it wasn’t much of an issue and they were happy with it. But back in his mind, he thought of it every single day after they brought it home. What was bothering him so much? You’ll find out soon.

It Felt Like Home

All three of them were excited about the couch and they used to fight all the time who will sleep on the couch? To solve this problem they decided that everybody will get a chance on the sofa on alternate days and on Sunday nobody will use the couch (as if it would work). No roommate is that easy and we can tell that from our personal experience. Reese already knew that something was off with the couch and within a few days it was Lara who also felt the same and even she didn’t share it with other two. Why is that?