New Caregiver

Without further questions, Barbara hired her. However, there was a lot that Jenna kept from the old woman. Barbara’s inquiry was limited to her professional life only. She did not bother to ask her about her personal life and that is where she committed a big mistake.  

Days Of Training

There is saying “one should never judge a book by its cover” that was the case with Jenna. She was young and looked fitting for this job to Barbara. So, the woman started coming to work from the very next day. Initially, Barbara stayed at home to train her in her job and see how good was she in that. However, Jenna did not take long to learn. 

Trusted Her

The old woman started trusting Jenna gradually and even started going out in her presence in the house. On March 23, 2017, Barbara went out to buy some groceries while Jenna was in the house looking after the old man. The two were all alone in the house. Harold was completely dependent on Jenna and she knew that. 

Deferred Opinion

Whereas Barbara had started to take a liking in Jenna Harold did feel something off about her. He had this feeling that the girl was not what she used to portray herself to be. There was something about her that they did not know. But with time his doubts faded away though he still had a hard time trusting her.

Went Shopping

Barbara took all the groceries required for consumption for a week and headed home. She was sure that Jenna would have very well taken care of her husband. She still was deeply in love with her husband and was doing her best in looking after her husband even when she herself was quite old and weak. 

A Misunderstanding

Barbara thought of spending some more time to buy other necessary stuff. Barbara was carefree and satisfied that her husband was doing perfectly fine back at home where Jenna is taking good care of him. She bought all the required good and finally decided to drive back home.