Running Late
Running Late For The Flight

There was another reason why Savannah had to keep traveling. Her job actually required her to travel quite frequently. She dreaded being away from home but as a businesswoman striving for success, she knew what she had to do. Savannah would always maintain punctuality on her trips to the airport as she knew that her size could be a nuisance for some people.

Not As Planned

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So whenever she needed to travel by flight, Savannah would always make sure she was early so as to be able to pick a seat where she could be seared alone. She would always book a seat which did not have any passengers sitting next to it. However, as we all know how life goes, Savannah was a little late. She did not have time to check for seats and so she had no choice…

Accept What Is

And so Savannah was in a frantic hurry that day since she knew how late she already way. She was fearful that she would not be able to get the seat she wanted. And when she reached the counter, Savannah was given the worst news ever. All of the seats were occupied on the flight. She spoke to the check-in assistant, but sadly, she was not given the seat she wanted.

No Choice At All

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So since she was the one who was late and had no choice, Savannah had to comply. Running out of options, she had to face and accept the situation and take the seat. However, she had no idea that this would be something she would regret soon. As soon as she boarded the flight and met the person she was seated with, Savannah would experience something unforgettable.

A Horrible Flight

And so since there was nothing to do, Savannah had to face defeat. So she took the seat and then she started walking into the plane and convinced herself to accept her current state. What could she do at that point? Even though she knew there was nothing else she could do about her situation, she was still thinking otherwise. Savannah was nervous to see the outcome…

What Kind Of Person?

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Since she had become so accustomed to traveling in flights alone, Savannah was still very nervous. And after a while, she started thinking of what kind of person the person sitting next to her would be and how they would behave towards her. Sadly hers was a rough flight. She would find herself in an uncomfortable situation soon, but somebody rescued her in an unconventional way…