Well Familiar

They have good acquaintances with the staff of Jupiter Goodwill Super Store thanks to their frequent visits to the store. The couple was on very good terms with all of them. They would often help them find amazing antiques in the store.  

In Search Of…

They both know what to look for in the thrift store. Whereas Mike would start searching for Starbucks cups and mugs, Julie Anne would look through the racks for anything catching her attention. She once had taken a tiny dish home from the Goodwill shop. She really liked that and was hoping to find something like that this time too.      

Love For Others

One of the reasons why Julie Anne would visit these thrift stores was related to her generous and kind nature. The church Lisis follow organizes frequent trips in order to help the deprived class. And they loved doing something for the welfare of society so they would participate regularly.       


So keeping that point in mind she headed to the toy department of the thrift store. She was hoping to find something to donate to the poor kids through the church’s mission. They actively participated in that. But what they found there was going to change their life only.  

On Sale

There were many toys on sale in the store. She had a lot of options. While browsing through the toys she found a shelf, especially for sports accessories. She thought she might find something interesting out there. But what she found was something that stunned her completely. 

The Bottom Part

The shelf had many types of equipment some related to cricket, some to football and to many other sports. She looked at the display’s bottom part and felt her heart skipped a beat. She just could not believe her eyes. It was right there. Beads of sweat began to form on her face. She leaned forward just to confirm.