The Florida Connection

Florida is a beautiful tourist destination and you can always see retirees spending vacations there. The beaches and its surroundings top the list of the best tourist destinations. Not only for young hearts, but Florida also serves as a perfect destination for old people willing to spend their lives after retirement. 

Everything Changed

Time took a leap of 40 years and many things got changed along the way. The small boy Christopher had matured into a middle-aged man. He had his own family and was working as a football coach at Thomas Worthington High School. The institution is located in the south of Columbus. 

He Has Changed

Christopher does not play baseball anymore. He has immersed himself completely in his work may be because the responsibility of the family is now on him or maybe the reason is something else. However, the man never discussed that event with anyone again.


Mike and Julie both loved going to the local thrift store. When in Florida they would make several trips to local thrift stores. It had become a hobby for them. They took it more like a treasure hunt as they had found some amazing things in these shops in the past. 

Regular Trip

Well, they even had a fixed time for it. They would make a regular trip to Jupiter Goodwill Super Store before heading into the church. “Before I got to church I make a quick run to Goodwill to see what treasures I can find,” Julie said. The couple was living in Tequesta since 1989.

Beautiful Home

Many things in their house were from the old thrift store. And all of them had made their home beautiful. They would often go inside random thrift shops and buy some amazing antiques. No need to say they had accumulated many artifacts by now.