Never Gambled

Earl Livingston had never gambled in his whole life, he had been so absorbed in his work and family that he would rarely go out with friends. Money never excited him, he was a person who would rather live with his family than to earn some extra money. But for this opportunity, he didn’t have to work hard, all he had to do was to buy the ticket.


People often can be lured by money. The money that the lottery ticket was offering was quite large and anyone would be tempted to buy it. The old man was having several thoughts, he had never tried his luck in a lottery before but he was never been tempted to do so too. Though, today his mind was thinking of all he could do if he won the lottery. What was he going to do?


It had been days, the advertisement was broadcasted in a loop now. With days passing he could think of nothing else but the lottery ticket. He would often search the internet to find ways to win the lottery and on other days he would restrict himself from using the phone as he knew he would try to find some new ways again. So he would distance himself from using the phone.


One day, when he was tired of thinking he told his wife that he was going downtown to buy the ticket for the lottery. His wife was surprised as she had never thought that he would ever try his luck in the lottery. But she was happy and encouraged him to do so. Would the old man finally buy a ticket for the lottery?


He surprised everyone with his decision to buy the ticket. The family knew him very well and was apprehensive that he was serious about the lottery ticket. But when he grabbed his coat to go downtown, everyone’s doubts were cleared. But it is often said that things generally don’t go according to our will. What was going to happen?

Going Downtown

Earl was excited about his new venture, though he was nervous too from within. He was at this stage of life where he had become bored with his normal life and wanted to try something new. The lottery tickets seemed to add the spice in his tasteless life. Would it turn out the way he was thinking?