Keeping Away Belongings Of The Deceased

It would be devastating for most people to find out that they have lost someone close to them. Small and trivial things can add or trigger emotions. This would be the main reason why family members often put off having to sort through their loved ones’ belongings.

Items Of The Dead

Going through these possessions would be quite an emotional journey. Usually, all these items end up in the attic or get sold off. But, when Connie Larson’s husband unexpectedly passed on, she knew just what to do with his belongings.

Not A Smooth Ride

Colorado resident Connie met her husband-to-be Doyle Larson when they were both working in Denison, Iowa. In 2010 they got hitched and four years later, they moved to Colorado to be closer to family. It was not going to be a trouble-free life.

Brain Tumor And Such

Doyle had endured various brain tumors in his lifetime. He had gone through three surgeries to get rid of each tumor. The first of these procedures were carried out in 1996 and after then undergoing radiation therapy, Doyle was given the all-clear. It was not freedom for him just yet.

Another Successful Surgery

After two years when the Larsons got married, Doyle was given the traumatic report that he had another brain tumor. He subsequently went through another surgery and was again deemed successful. So, it appeared as if nothing would get in the way of this Colorado couple.

An Unsuccessful Surgery

However, in 2016 the Larsons got bad news too. Doyle was told by doctors that he had another brain tumor, the third one in 20 years. It was time to go under the knife once more. But this time the operation wasn’t successful. Only portions of the growth were taken out.