Something Wrong
What's Wrong With Rocco?

Kelly was very impatient when it came to dogs. She was just like an excited toddler who could not wait to keep her hands on her new toys. She hurried to get to where Rocco the pit bull was. As soon as the two met, Kelly was head over heels in love with the adorable dog. Who can blame her though? Just look at the little guy. He was certainly one of the sweetest dogs she had ever had the pleasure of meeting. She quickly took her new dog to go to his new home.

A Strange Odor

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Kelly was so excited because she knew for a fact that Rocco would make her happy and she was willing to do anything to make him happy as well. They had connected with one another as soon as they met. So when Kelly took Rocco into her care, she was playing with him and talking to him. She then sensed that there was something terribly wrong with him. She caught a whiff of something dreadful from the dog…

Should She Worry?
Was It Something To Worry About?

Well, you might think that it is quite common for a dog to smell bad, but this was no ordinary dog smell. Kelly being a dog lover, knew the difference between the smell or a dirty dog and an abnormal smelling one. She then thought up of a few reasons as to why Rocco would smell so bad. She knew that lack of hygiene could definitely be one good reason for this. Rocco had for sure not taken a bath in a long time.

Dogs And Their Smell

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Then Kelly had guessed another reason as to why the bad smell was coming from Rocco. She knew that dogs always have a natural bacteria they get produced in their paws. Some have even compared this smell in their paws to that of Fritos! Kelly was also well aware that she might have been a little too sensitive with the nose, that she was just being a little too dramatic.

What Could It Be?
What Could That Smell Be?

As Kelly was trying to convince herself that it was just another dog smell, the kind that forms when dogs haven’t taken a bath for a while, the smell became unbearable. She was so bothered by it that Kelly had to stop the car. She pulled over right away. She then made her way out of the driver’s seat to get closer to Rocco so that she could investigate what was actually wrong with him.

Taking Off His Harness

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So Kelly hurried to where Rocco was sitting to check where the disgusting smell was coming from. When she looked at the pup, she could not tell the source of the horrible smell that was enveloping the whole car. Since she could not identify the reason for this issue, she proceeded to take off Rocco’s harness. To her surprise, it was then that Kelly realized the source of the vile smell.