There was someone who had been noticing all of Smoochie’s steps, as to what she did, around what time was she around her puppies, and when they were alone. Yes, this someone was Kitty. She had some plans in her mind. 

Jolly Attitude

Smoochie had a totally contrasting nature to Kitty’s. She was never calm, always running around, and hardly ever at home. She loved roaming around the neighborhood, and everyone knew her as the naughty one. 


After the puppies were born, Smoochie’s family noticed something very weird. Just after 3 days of their birth, one of the puppies went missing. No one could understand where could the little one go. Smoochie was also not aware of it. 


This weird event continued, and the very next day, another puppy went missing. The family had not been able to find the first puppy, and the next one was also gone now. What was even happening? Was there a thief in their neighborhood?


After two puppies went missing, the neighbors kept vigilance at everyone around them because they wanted to help Smoochie and her family. But they had not expected to see any of what they saw next. 


In the evening, when some neighbors were having a good time with their children and pets in the Trailer Park, they noticed that Kitty was carrying a black puppy in her mouth, and she went and hid somewhere after that.