While there were a lot of cat pets in the neighborhood, Miss Kitty was particularly everyone’s favorite. All-white and well-groomed Miss Kitty stood out from all the other cats. But people were unaware of her real face. 

Different Identity

Kitty was a very social cat, or so the people around her perceived. She seemed to be friendly towards people, but soon all these misconceptions were going to change. She was going to do something unthinkable, and everything will be out of sorts.


The family just next to the Jonas’ house had a pet dog named Smoochie. Smoochie was a black cocker spaniel, very naughty and hyperactive. The life of Kitty took a turn when she saw that Smoochie was pregnant. 


Kitty seemed to be of a very calm and composed nature. She always listened to what Anne and Frank told her and had never been a naughty cat. She roamed around exploring things till the time she was allowed and stayed home when asked to. 


But there was something about Kitty that was not fine, recently. She seemed like she was changing and it did not look like it was a good change. She was up to something very strange and neighbors were speechless when they found it out. 


Smoochie had finally given birth to five black puppies, who all looked exactly like her. Her family was more than happy to welcome this cute and large litter of cocker spaniels in their house. Everyone seemed happy, but…