A Horrified Father

As the two drivers were experiencing difficulty in handling their cars, the audience grew worried. Everyone just stood from their seat awaiting what would unfold next. And among the crowd, there was one particular person who was most worried. Dean Jones, Mike’s father had been standing on the sidelines with the officials. He was watching all that happened in the race course…

Racing Towards The Car

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For any loving father, it would not take much to try and save your kid from danger. To see your son or daughter in a threatening situation would always lead to the parental instincts in a dad. So what happened when Dean saw that his dear boy’s car had caught fire? Well, the worried dad did not wait to race towards the car and did what any loving parent would…

A Huge Fire

So as the audience stood there watching in awe what took place in the race course, no one knew how everything would turn out. They could see that Mike’s car was in flames after it was in contact with the other vehicle. And in the meantime, his poor father Dean also reached close to the burning vehicle.  A few seconds had passed by…

First On The Scene

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There was one thing that the people in the audience was greatly shocked to see. They could see that the father was very quick to act on what he thought his son would need. And it was quite unbelievable to see that the father was actually the first to arrive on the scene. This was because the officials and the fire extinguishers were too slow to get to the action.

Race Against Time

So as the car had already caught fire and fuel was dripping for the tank, it was an intense moment where the driver had to act quick. And so as his dear father was coming closer, Mike was trying hard and struggling to remove his restraints in order for him to get out of the car. And during this time, the fuel spilled down the track, and the fire grew bigger…

How Long?

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The audience members were silent and watched with horror, scared of what might happen next. And so everybody just waited for the scary situation to end. The fire soon caught onto the engine bay but fortunately, Mike did not suffer any injury. There was no complication in Mike’s health as of now. But how much time was Dean going to take to take Mike out of the fiery car?